Ivy Flowers

This time of year ivy comes into flower. The intense perfume of the blossoms has a clean, cold almost otherworldy smell. The flowers also attract the attention of insects, which swarm around this late-season treat. Later in the year, the black berries will form – food for the pigeons during the worst part of the […]

The Diamond Mirror and the Four Worlds – Part 2

The Elemental world “It is like standing by a lake… On the surface we see the reflection of the world, but in the depths there are those mysterious things that alchemists show in their books – dragons, ravens, eagles, wolves, suns, moons, and the like.” Sphaera Elementum, from Liber Sphaerae by Colin A. Low The […]

An Oral Tradition

The British Mysteries is an oral tradition. This means it is handed from one person to another in a living chain. There may be many people in the chain or few, but the old adage ‘when the student is ready, the master will appear’ is often true. An oral tradition relies on human interaction. This […]

Nature Practice

Nowadays, for many, walking in nature has to be a discipline and a practice. In previous eras it was a necessity, but now people can go weeks or even months without any contact with nature. The best way to explore our natural landscape is to go alone. Anywhere will do, but the further from traffic, […]


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